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About Us

our short story

Coffee Bikes Berlin / MENatWORKX In March 2013 we started with a coffee bike. MENatWORKX has been operating four mobile coffee shops in Berlin as a franchise partner of Coffee-Bike GmbH since 2019, making it one of the company's longest-serving coffee bikers.

There are fixed stands on the Tempelhofer Feld, among other places.

Coffee Bike in einem Garten, im Hintergrund ein heller Pavillon

My story

As a former operator of various gastronomic units, we were often asked when catering if we could also offer coffee supply. With a small portafilter machine we were able to cover the coffee supply in the private sector.

In 2013 I was looking for a self-sufficient way to offer coffee and coffee specialties. A very valued colleague had already worked in this area years before and is still a role model for me today. In the search for a self-sufficient solution, I found the company Coffee-Bike GmbH, which was in the process of positioning itself on the market. After getting to know each other in 2012, my journey began in March 2013.

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